Pandemic does not curb technology investment forecast.

Markenz’s survey reveals that 40% of companies intend to keep investments in technology and 33% plan to increase these contributions in the area by up to 25% in the next 12 months.


Even in time of pandemic, 3D printing, process management system, nanotechnology and biotechnology are in the investment plans of many companies in Brazil. Instead of holding expenses, as could be presumed in times of economic slowdown, a survey by Markenz, a consultancy that works collaboratively with companies in strategy and marketing projects, reveals that 40% of Brazilian companies intend to maintain investments in technology.

A third of companies are even preparing to increase spending on technological tools and software by up to 25% in the next 12 months.

"It is interesting to observe some data that show it is possible to identify opportunities for business growth", evaluates Letícia Marodin, director of Markenz and leader of the research.

Of all companies surveyed that intend to increase investments, 58% have annual revenues between R$ 11 million and R$ 50 million, while another 40% have annual revenues above R$ 50 million.

Among the highlighted priorities, 22% of the interviewed companies state that they should maintain or increase investments in process management systems; BI (business intelligence) or CRM tools (21%); production automation (16%); logistics and operations management (13%); electronic commerce (12%) and artificial intelligence technologies (8%).

To reach these conclusions, Markenz interviewed more than 70 professionals with positions of board (35%), executive management (25%), presidency (21%), owner-directors (16%) and board members (3%) between August and October 2020. Respondents are leaders of small, medium, and large companies spread across the northern, southeaster and southern regions of Brazil.

More than 20% of respondents believe that the resumption of billing will take place in the second half of 2021, while another 22%, more pessimistic, expect the resumption of growth only in 2022. The reinvention of B2B sales and transparency in management are the main trends that will accompany the resumption, according to the executives.

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